*~My Poems~*


~I composed this poem 9/29/2004, the ArchAngels' Feastday.
I had planned to compose a poem for Mother Mary, but somehow,
every time I thought about it the words would never come up.
Then, in the beginning of September I received, via
'US Postal Mail, a letter from stating that
they wanted me to send an 'unpublished' poem
to be added in a publication for 2004.
This came on paper, I proof read it, and sent it.~

~Then, the evening of 9/29 I had an E-mail from them again stating;

...The International Library of Poetry wishes to feature an entire page devoted exclusively to the poetry of
Bebianne Clavette in a collection of new poems written by the Best Poets we have encountered...
...Congratulations on your accomplishment, Bebianne.
Your poetry will be featured along with a distinguished group of just 2004 of the Best Poets that were selected to participate in this special project.
...We believe you to be one of the most interesting poets we have encountered, so we wish to feature your artistry in this special edition...
Howard Ely
Managing Editor
P.S. Bebianne, you should be genuinely proud of your accomplishment. You have been selected to participate in The Best Poems and Poets of 2004 because of your unique vision...
I was, of course, touched again.
A couple of days after I started to create its background frame for it.  I then suddenly realized the date and time I was composing the poem in my computer.  I was in the process writing it at 9:29 PM, the same numbers as the month: 9/29/04.  I just voiced out "wow, this must be a Special poem!"  And it is, simply because when I started to compose it, the words welled up as my fingers were typing them, tears came, my heart was beating a hundred miles a minute, my fingers couldn't catch up with the words that were pouring out.  I felt deep, deep love for Mother Mary as the words kept pouring, so much so that I had to stop to get a tissue.
Mother Mary has been the only "mothering" person I can/could go to when I need/needed a mother like figure to confide into.  And for that constant "calling Her" for help created in me a Special Love for Her, and that has been going on since my very young years.
As I was writing the dedication part I thought of the mothers that do love their children (like I do mine) and something in me just wanted to dedicate this poem to "all loving mothers" also. 
And so, to you, LOVING MOTHER are my words to You!~


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