*~My Poems~*


Our FATHER'S  ( PAPA DIEU'S ) Poetry to us!

~When I created my A Rare Flower*s Pad website, I had not written poems yet.
Then something in me wanted to write some.
I made a Search for a poetry website and I found a's website
-This website was deleted, and is now back up again and is totally different from the original one,
and is under new management- 
I created an account to that poetry website and then immediately wrote my very first poem;
No Angel's Little Notes.
Low and behold, I received a Postal Mail letter from them informing me that they wanted to 'print' that poem in a book of poems because they found it 'unusually inspiring'.  I could not believe it!
And so, as they grew in number, as being published I decided to create a website just for them.
I beautified them creating frames for each one, then adding them here.
Having them read the more via internet!  I hope you find them inspiring also.
Enjoy your visit!~

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