*~My Poems~*

~No Angle's Little Notes~

~This first Poem was published in a book titled'

"Letters From The Soul"~

Going to view  my poems at I found out that my poem was published in a book series.  I clicked the Book purchase link, and copied/pasted the text as seen for each poem (written then) below:
Eternal Portraits Series
(scheduled to be released Summer 2004)
Classic, coffee-table quality hard-bound volume.
Features poem "Poem's Title Here" on a full page by itself.
Printed on fine-milled paper specially selected to last for generations.  Approximately 250 pages.

~The poem that I originally wrote was in a much longer version.  I had to re-write it in only twenty four lines, for only allowed it this way, to accept it.

Here is the longer version.~

~No Angels Little Notes~

I Shudder At The Thought
That Little Riddles Will Tell Me
That I Have No Friends, Nor Angels
Looking After Me,
When I Will Receive None At All
I Know These Are Just Cute Little Notes
Passed On, That Might Brighten One's Day
With Feelings Of Pride, Or Thankfulness
But, It Might Burden One's True Love Given
Because Of The Way They Were Written
You See, My Love for You Is Private and True
If I Need Little Notes To Know
If Your Feelings Are True Maybe I'm Not A Real Friend
For The Love Given To You
Does Not Count If You are Feeling Blue
Or, That I have To Send Little Notes
As A Reminder Of All I've Done For You!
So, Dear Friend, I Wish You Would Like Me,
Not Count On Little Notes To See That,
Who I Was, Am, And Always Will Be
Does Not Depend On Little Notes You See
But, On The Long, And Hard Road Of Times Past
For Certain, Angels Were There With Us, You Know
Who Could Pick Us Up When Down
But The LOVE OF A FATHER Looking Down
So Little Notes Like These, Are Only To Tease
The True Love You And I Have Struggled On
To Be ANGELS For One Another That No One Could See
And So,
I Don't Need Little Notes To See If You Love Me
In Sending One To Me You See
The Love That Is Deep Inside My Heart
Is Strong enough For You And I
For That Is Where It Will Always Reside~
Written by: Bebianne G Clavette


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